Science can be the
savior of human life

Life as a value

Our mission is to preserve the quality of life by providing superior sterile liquid products to both the health and beauty industries.

Diaco is an expert in the manufacturing of quality sterile liquid products. For over half a century wehave been perfecting our production process, building intuitive and personal relationships with patients and health professionals, and carving out a sterling reputation that leads by shining example in the scientific world.

We are passionate about the power of science, we believe that knowledge is something to seek, that our minds are always expanding, new answers should be sought, and that research paves the way for a better future for all.

At Diaco we always strive to keep our finger on the pulse of the modern world, to deliver our expertise with humanity, and to nurture the creative spirit of our employees so that new designs and solutions can be found. We believe that this philosophy combined with ethical business practices puts us in the driving seat when it comes to supplying the world with quality pharmaceutical products.


At our state of the art production facilities we are able to produce the following range

Small & large volume parenteral solutions

Pre-filled syringes

(using advanced environmentally friendly technology)

We take great pride in our tailored solutions which is why we are able to offer OEM/OBL contract manufacturing turnkey solutions

Curated partnerships

Diaco Biofarmaceutici is proud to be the official distributor and logistics partner for Institute Hyalual GmbH, an advanced health and beauty company specializing in aesthetic medicine